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Your Peace Within is More Important Than What You Left Behind

Week 4.. Wow I'm not sure if I should say welcome or congrats for continuing your path to healing. Oh the mountains we've climbed. Talk about week one where made the commitment to start this Journee together and understood that in order to heal we must first acknowledge (address) our trauma. We must than accept our parts so that we can forgive ourselves and others for our traumas. And you made it to week 4. The tears we've shed, the emotions we've accepted. The forgiveness we've given. We are almost at the finish line and Lord knows this healing journee has been both rewarding yet trying. The best feeling in the world is being able to say after all the trials you've faced, you surpassed them and came out with a victory. So once again Journee Bees, congratulations!

Last week we touched basis on forgiveness. What it meant to forgive others with a genuine heart and the importance of forgiving ourselves. I am curious as to how well your conversations went. Did you feel free? Did you feel silly talking to yourself? Or maybe you felt relieved because you spoke with your heart and finally let your guard down. I struggled. In fact, I have to remain in week three for a while because I don't feel I have truly forgiven myself. Soon, I will share with you all I experienced, but for now I need time. I didn't feel weights lifting off me, but instead I felt guilty. Where did this guilt come from? I'm not too sure, but I know that I am not 100% ready for this week and I'm ok with that. You know how I'm always saying healing isn't a race and no one gets a medal for finishing first? Well, here I am showing you that sometimes it's ok to take a little bit longer. It's ok to pace yourself. It's completely normal to not have everything in tact. But, if there is something to keep in mind, it's to always remember we are doing this together.

So, what does week 4 have in store for you? One word, one feeling, multiple ways to achieve it..

P E A C E. Peace is such a beautiful feeling. Peace means to have freedom from disturbance, to have tranquility, to be in a period in which there is no war or a war has ended. Last week I said when you truly forgive, you feel free. Look at the connection and understand why peace is the 4th vital step in our guide to healing. Wow, that just blessed me. To have peace, we must forgive. Without one, we can't have the other and even now I realize why it's necessary for me to forgive. Ok ok I'm moving on.

In week 2, we discussed how we should give ourselves permission to feel what we feel, but to keep in mind not to attack anyone, but to simply release. And how soon we would speak on ways to cope with our overwhelming emotions... well the time has come. Let's get some peace.

The number one mechanism for peace is releasing. We must understand there is no reason to keep everything inside our minds and hearts. I guess you can say this is the reason we're on this journee anyway. Peace can be easily obtained truth be told. The reason peace can be easily obtained is because it's what we all desire and the key to peace is focusing on the things WE can control. Why stress over something you can't change? Now, that's just silly. Once you learn to let things and people be how you know they will be, nothing will affect you. I promise. For myself, I believe meditation is necessary for inner peace. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Relax your mind and envision yourself in your most happiest place. Drown out the outside noise or any possible distractions and just breathe until you feel the weights fall off your shoulders.


I've come to realize peace comes with balance. Identifying that balance must be a lifestyle habit. To have balance means you are in control of your personal organization. Now, when I say organization, I'm referring to your life and making time for whatever you choose to. I found an article that speaks about a few strategies that help with peace and I believe it will definitely help us figure out which strategy is best for us. For myself, I find peace in my bathroom. I light candles around my tub and I just close my eyes and begin to pray. I speak to God about my current struggles, my dreams, my desires, my choices and about guidance. It works for me and I know whatever you decide will work for you as well. Just remain positive. You got this.

We are almost at the finish line, so be prepared because next week is our final week and we will share our reflections. But in the final week we are also going to decide how will we MOVE ON & LET GO.

Remember you are not alone. I am always with you and WE WILL heal together.



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