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To Time:

You are essential. Essential just enough to help me get through my day. Without you.. I'm not in tune with anything. I'm wasting away my sanity. See, time without you, I am searching for balance that isn't available.

You are a component, quantity of various measurements used to sequence events.

You compare the duration of events. I'm simply saying," You keep me together."

I'm organized with you. You keep me on my toes in such a way that no human being ever could.

You are everlasting. The way your hands collide together when you strike twelve helps me keep my composure as I prepare for a new day.

I believe it's then midnight when this takes place.

You're known for Falling back and Springing forward as the seasons change.

You're the reason we plan our days accordingly.

You know.. making schedules and adding events to our calendars.

Because with you.. we are complete and our minds are focused.

You are defined as the precise instinct of an illusion. You are sometimes referred to as the expression of separation. You separate the days from weeks. The seconds from minutes. Transition from hours to days. And the cycle repeats itself. Some even give you the pleasure of saying you heal all wounds. I'm assuming it's because you're patient.

But on the flip side.. you sometimes slip away from us. It's like You disappear mentally.. vanish emotionally...and still somehow remain inevitable physically.

Time; Where would I be without you?

My past, present, and future is all because of you

I try to conquer you at every chance

But you past me at every glance

You are something I can give but never get back

Something I'll never have enough of

And always lack

Something everyone wants to grasp but yet you slip away

And we lose you every second anyway

Everyone chases you but when you come for us we run

I guess it's because we couldn't believe you'd finally come

You are truly of the essence more valuable than gold

Something we all try to take advantage of but never will control

We can plan to get the most out of you

But Few ever succeed

Because procrastination will sometimes impede

You are not measured by a clock stopwatch or any other component I believe you are simply measured by our greatest moments

Although you're always getting away from me ;people say you're always flying

One thing I have to remember time ,is that I am your pilot

I can use you to my benefit and be happy with what I was given

Or regret what I have spent of you in my time of living

You have brought me from the old and placed me in the new

Oh time....

Oh time....

Where would I be without you ?


Me ✨

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