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To Love:

Whom would I be without you? Your sweet scent caresses my nasal canal as I gently breathe you into my soul. Creating a sensational chill running down my spine. Your scent is as fresh as dew on green rich as dark chocolate.. Your passion for others teaches me to be patient and kind. For it is you that holds my heart together. For it is you that takes responsibility for my emotions. For it is you...that continues to hold me steady when life turns haywire. So whom would I be without you? You are completely a nature of beauty.. the most fascinating riddles of philosophy. Love, you are beauty!

Whom would I wish to be without you? Your soft touch slowly soothes my pain away. Insinuating that without you...I just may never survive because it's only up to you to keep me strong. You created a safe haven for me to run and hide when things became heavy. You rush to my rescue when guilt eats me alive. You fight off my enemies when I'm trapped in a corner. You prove to me.. you're my one and only. For I am clearly the only one for you. Love, you are an infatuation that drives my imagination lucid. I believe Sophocles said it best, "You are the one word that frees us of all the weight and pain of life." Love, you are beauty.

Who's to say if I'm weak or strong because of you? Your patience outweighs every burning desire of rage that can overtake my flesh. You're a feeling I cannot underestimate. A desire only lustful individuals pretend to understand. They call it how they see it.. I live through it as I experience it. Love, you make me smile. Always finding your way back to me when we decide to go our separate ways. You knock on my door and I open it every time. You just have a hold on me. Without I weak? Or am I strong? Maybe I'm weak for you because of what I wish to seek from you...maybe I'm strong because I learn more than I ever thought I could without you. Love, you are Beauty.

Where would I possibly run to if you were no longer by my side? Would I stand still or would I panic? What happens when I can no longer feel your touch or smell your fresh scent? Or when you stop knocking at my door, who's suppose to come running back to me then? Love, without you I am nothing. I lack patience. I avoid happiness. I endure pain. I condone confusion. I accept the fact that I just might have to see who I really am without you. You know they say it's you that makes us blind. But without you, my vision is as clear as day and I cannot accept this. So never leave my side.



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