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The Future is Here, Cheers To Changing the Narrative

Black excellence is such a difficult title to obtain when you’re missing a few pieces of the puzzle. There’s no denying that as a community, we’ve got what it takes to make something great happen. We have the tools such as our voices, our minds, our strength to fight for more than just our respect, but for our freedom. And although we have what it takes, too often we settle for the bare minimum because we don’t want to wait our turn. Needless to say we’ve been caught sleeping on our post, or in other words, we haven’t been ready to change the narrative society has placed on us. But today is different. Today‘s black excellence is breaking the chains and creating change, this excellence is known as IAME.

IAME, Individually Advancing Maturing & Evolving, is a nonprofit organization designed by a group of talented students residing in Los Angeles, Ca (Aliyah, Corie, and Raven),known for being open minded to new ideas & simply just wanting to communicate on how to make their community feel connected and safe. “IAME is designed to bring out the best in people personally, professionally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually! We motivate people to find their purpose, pursue their passions, and achieve personal growth!”, says CEO Aliyah Dyson.

IAME was founded on the idea that, "When I grow, We Grow." This means that when I step forward, my community steps forward with me.

This organization is Black excellence for many reasons, but the most important reason is because it values overcoming struggle to gain strength. “We want people to understand that their struggle builds strength and true strength comes from their ability to be resilient, transparent, and accountable.

We empower people to find their purpose and pursue their passions.”, IAME These three bosses have created such an important impact within such a short amount amount of time. What began as a weekly meeting between friends has transformed into such a monumental way of living. “People sometimes forget that we are still apart of this Earth, let’s keep our our home clean.”, says Aliyah Dyson.

With a variety of programs like entrepreneurship and personal development to choose from, IAME is determined to guide their members to success by granting access to mentors, seminars and so much more, with the hopes in helping one another grow as a team. IAME was founded on the idea that, "When I grow, We Grow." This means that when I step forward, my community steps forward with me. We must always remember the best way too succeed is to have a strong foundation with supportive people in your life.

African-American history is American history. And throughout this history, there have been pivotal and everyday moments filled with Black Excellence. Moments where Black Americans stood up, took a stand, and paid it forward to future generations. Black Excellence means someone who is Black who portrays great qualities and abilities that make the Black community proud. Well IAME, thank you for making such a pivotal effort in creating change for our community. Cheers to changing the narrative.

If you wish to become a member of the IAME family, feel free to follow them on Instagram @IAME_INC and you can visit their official website here for any updates on how you too can be apart of the change.

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