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The Finale: Moving On & Letting Go

The best thing about starting something new in life, is the joy of finishing it. You don't start things and not finish because then what was the point in starting to begin with. We started this guide to healing as a way to take back our lives. We acknowledged our pain, we accepted our pain, we chose to forgive ourselves, we made peace within that forgiveness, and now it's time to move on and let everything go. We cried together, laughed together and made such a remarkable impression for others to see that healing isn't so scary once you actually put in the work. Journee Bees pat yourself on the back because you have done the work. Now before we pop champagne and cheers to the good times, it's very important to remember, we still have one more step. To move on and let go. You ready?

To move on from anything means you are making a conscious decision to leave something behind. This "something" can be a situation, a past experience; it can even be a group of people. The point is you are leaving them behind and going towards something new. The challenge in this can be soul ties. Now, a soul tie is a connection spiritually that we have with one another based on very intimate relationships. We all know what I mean by intimate. The conflict with a you and a soul tie is the choice to leave the "connection" you've made with this "something". I keep referring to "something" because that's for you to determine. Ask yourself, what am I connected to and is it ever possible to walk away from it? Some may answer yes and others will answer no. Either way, we must be hones with ourselves.

The key to moving on is reassuring yourself that you can and will do better. Reassurance is important when change is involved because without it, you will be apprehensive about moving forward in your Journee. The question I often get asked is, "How will I know it's time to move on?" and my answer will always be the same. You know it's time to move on when you feel in your heart, mind, body and soul that you my dear have had ENOUGH. Never wait until you become numb to your "something" before you leave it behind because at that point you are only showing your approval of the neglect. You are showing yourself that your worth doesn't matter and listen honey, it matters more than you'll ever know. Never settle for anything, always be willing to search for more because you deserve more.

In reference to letting go, you are making an oath to yourself that you will never allow anything that you have healed from create new wounds. This doesn't mean you are forgetting the experience, but it means you will no longer be a victim to such an experience. We threw that word out in week 2 and it will stay there for good. No more victims, but now you are a survivor.

When people look at you, they will see a strong individual who is able to own their shit.

This will make them look at themselves and wonder how can they do the same. Mark my words.

As I have said since the very beginning, healing does not happen overnight. Don't feel this is the end, always refer back to our guide for any tips, suggestion and true events. Let me be the first to congratulate you on HEALING. You are healed. You are free from all the burdens. You are lighter because every weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Your spirit is restored. I am so very proud of you for not giving up. I know it was difficult, but you made it! Please share your experience with others and know you did an amazing job.

Remember you are never alone and cheers to you JOURNEE BEE, WE HEALED TOGETHER!



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