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Positivity & Possibility

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face. Not literally because well you know, morning crust is real BUT I knew I was going to have a great day. So far, my week has been going pretty smooth. Compared to last week, I was breaking down and my emotions were all over the place. But God.

If I had a dollar for every time I prayed for peace, I’d be a billionaire or if I declared my day to be filled with positivity, I would most certainly be well off in my life. Surprisingly, things haven’t always been the way I declared them to be because typically my day is chaotic, but for some reason today, I feel powerful. I feel my spirit strengthening which is amazing because there was a point in time where I felt lower than low and just wanted to break down. But God.

For once I can sense greatness coming my way. Somewhat like a new possibility. To have possibility we must have a positive mindset. You can’t manifest things without having faith to back it up. Or so I have convinced myself to believe. We have unspecified qualities of a promising nature, potential even. We are our own possibilities and even so, we are our own positive nature. Because of the promise God has made us. As I entered work today, I decided to serve the Devil notice that he would not win, and it feels damn good. I have peace because of my positive mindset, and I know new possibilities are coming forth sooner than later because of my promising nature. My nature to just be myself. Despite what others may feel about me, I am me.

Symone, the woman who holds herself to a higher standard of respect. I give what is given and every time I learn something new about myself. Symone, the writer who pours out her heart’s desires so that others can learn from her rather than ignore and judge her. Symone, the quiet storm who doesn’t have many to call on, but surely knows where she stands in their lives. I can continue to go on forever, but this morning God made it very clear to me where I stand. He told me better days are coming and to get ready to rejoice in my victory. So saints, I am rejoicing in advance because one thing about God, he doesn’t play about his favorite.

Happy Wednesday Journee Bees. I love you all.



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