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New Year, New Understandings

Happy New Year Journee Bees. I’m truly blessed to say that we made it. We actually survived such a trying time and although it’s not completely over, we are still here to make the most of it. Praise God. Last year I learned more about myself than I give myself credit for. I learned I am capable of achieving anything. I mean I started my makeup journey recently and it has taught me to believe in myself and not get discouraged. My business has been thriving and I am so blessed to finally begin living the life I deserve. I’ve never been one for a resolution, but let’s just say this year I am devoted to making sure I love me a little more. So, here’s to serving looks and real smiles all year long.

Last year I cried more than usual. I cried happy tears. I cried sad tears. I cried angry tears; I just cried way too damn much. This year I don’t want to waste any tears on anything negative. I just plan to focus on what’s important such as my health, building successful brands with my husband, and enjoying my marriage. Granted I haven’t really been enjoying my marriage because I’ve been stressing about the unknown. Will I get pregnant? Will my business be successful? Will I ever make it to the top? I stressed myself out because I could never answer these questions. However, God spoke to me and showed me everything I’ve ever needed was aligned in my path. I just had to be willing to go through each season and admit I wasn’t really ready for what I desperately begged for. Now, I am willing to continue my path forreal this time. Someone dear to me reminded me of my blessings. I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams and I can’t take those things for granted by focusing on what I don’t have. I lost friends last year, but I also reconnected with someone who knows me more than ever. I’m learning to be patient with myself. Everything isn’t meant to happen right away. I just need to take my time and truly appreciate the moment at hand. You feel me sis.

My encouragement for you Journee Bees and Beeauty Babes who are reading this is to enjoy the blessings you have. Your blessings include your life, your friends, your partner, your family, your home, your job, your support system and so much more. Just don’t miss out on your future blessing because you’re too busy criticizing your current circumstance. I love you all deeply and am so excited to share the new Journee we are experiencing together. Get ready for new affirmations, new possibilitie, new breakthroughs, new relationships.. everything will be new. New year.. new understandings.



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